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6 x 6.5" - Dual Row LED Light with Magnetic Base

  • Model: HE-PL1

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6 x 6.5" Dual Row LED Light with Magnetic Base

Our 6 x 6.5 inch Dual Row LED Light is a portable, rechargeable, LED light that is great to have on hand whenever you need extra lighting or when you don’t have power. A polycarbonate lens and aluminum housing make it virtually indestructible. Both portable and waterproof, it has an endless number of uses in any environment. Take this light on your next camping or hunting trip, keep one in your vehicle, boat or even in your home to provide light right where you need it. Includes a strobe feature to attract attention in emergency or work situations.The strong magnetic base attaches to any metal surface. Offers three levels of light intensity with up to nine hours of operating time at level one light intensity (240 lumens). Recharges quickly and can hold it’s charge for weeks on end.

Cigarette lighter adapter charger is included.


Input Voltage: 10-28V DC

Wattage: 9W (6-1.5W OSRAM LEDs)

Lux @ 10M: 28.5lx

Color Temperature: 6000K

Beam Pattern: 60° Flood


Housing Material: Black Die-Cast Aluminum Housing

Housing Color: Black

Lens Material: PC

Mounting Bracket: 304L with Stainless Steel Hardware


3 Levels of Light Intensity:

Level 1: 240lm (9 hour battery life)

Level 2: 480lm (6.5 hour battery life)

Level 3: 720lm (3.5 hour battery life)

Strobe Feature To Attract Attention

Charging Time: Around 2.5 Hours

Protections: Reverse Polarity

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