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High-quality Curved Dual and Single Row LED lightbars provide great visibility when and where you need it.
Cube Lights
Surface mount and flush mount LED Cubes, give you lots of options for just about every application you need.
Driving Lights
Take your driving experience to the next level with auxiliary driving lights – designed to improve your driving experience.
Municipality & Safety Lights
When you need to get the job done, Heise work and safety lights are designed for worksite lighting and government fleet, commercial and emergency lighting needs.
Marine Lights
Cruise your favorite fishing spot after dark or light up your wakeboard boat using Heise marine grade lights. Torture tested to withstand the elements.
Accent Lights
From side view and single color to RGB kits, Heise has everything you need for an amazing installation.
LED Strip Lights
Illuminate your ride with LED strip lights, available in a wide range of colors and lighting options.
Headlight LED Bulbs
Easy to install, Heise LED bulbs are a brighter, energy-efficient solution.
Jeep® Accessories
Accessories designed specifically to customize almost every Jeep model for stylish, brighter lighting upgrades.
Motorcycle Accessories
Upgrade to a louder, brighter and safer ride with a wide range of universal and vehicle-specific motorcycle accessories. Saddle Tramp offers factory-style lighting, audio, safety and convenience products designed to enhance any ride.
Tap into the growing off-road, truck and powersports market with our newest line of aftermarket accessories.
Trailer Lights
From large commercial tractor trailers to boat trailers and cargo trailers, Heise's new line of trailer lights will ensure your vehicle is seen.

Installation Tips

Installation & Tech Tips

ALWAYS disconnect from the negative battery terminal before starting any 12volt install.

Watch for pinch points and things that could potentially sever or strip back insulation from the wire(s).

Always make sure you have all of the proper required tools before installing.

Soldering is the recommended way for joining wires together.

Heat shrink is also recommended for protecting and sealing previously soldered wire(s).

If experiencing fitment issues with LED replacements headlight, the locking collar or set screw (certain models) can be removed and placed inside of the headlight housing and locked in. After securing it in the housing, place the collar-less LED headlight back into the collar to complete the install.

When using the 3 watt little accent light, remember it is to be used in conjunction with a momentary switch. But if a constant ON condition is desired, a 50 ohm resistor should be installed in series with the light on the red power wire.