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Meticulously designed for better lighting coverage

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A thin bulb design ensures uniform lighting coverage without any dark spots or shadowed areas. The light beams are more concentrated and focused in the center but still illuminate a wider field for excellent visibility.

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The high beam is 200% brighter than halogen bulbs.

Wider Exposure photo example

Extreme LED Chipset

Low Power Consumption

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Each bulb's LED output is a powerful 8,000 lumens of 6000k bright white light

8,000 Lumens Graphic Red Blur Separator

260% brighter than other LEDs with 16,000 lumens combined

6000k Color Temperature Graphic LED Comparison Graphic

A better design from the inside out

Plug-N-Play Lighting

A better design from the inside out
A better design from the inside out

An improved EMI circuit

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to limit electromagnetic interference

A better design from the inside out

Designed to optimize the LED position

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to maximize the housing optics for both projector and reflector systems

Ultra-Thin design improves illumination

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The bulb has been meticulously designed with a high concentration of light beams that reach longer distances so you can see farther at night.

A better design from the inside out

Bulbs stay cooler using Heise's breakthrough heat dissipation technology

Efficient cooling results in a longer bulb lifespan and smarter investment

Bulbs Stay Cooler

Why upgrade to LED Bulbs?

Get increased lighting coverage for better off-road visibility

Why Upgrade?

Low Profile, High Output

Heise's LED Bulb matches the OEM halogen lightbulb size and footprint

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WARNING: THE LIGHTING PRODUCT IS SOLD FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY. This product should not be used on the road. Keep your original factory bulbs so that you can replace them for use on public roads. Keep the box that the new bulbs came in to store the bulbs and be sure to handle them with care when removing and re-installing.

Pro Series HID to LED Bulbs

Introducing Heise’s first HID to LED conversion bulbs. These five Pro Series bulbs cover every application of HID currently available on the market. Matched with a brand new extreme LED chipset, they not only outlast but will outperform HID bulbs. These bulbs are meticulously designed optimizing the LED position to maximize the housing optics for both projector and reflector systems. The “C” designation given to these bulb is in reference to the unique collar design that allows them to be properly keyed into projector “S” housings and reflector “R” housings. Pro Series LED bulbs are also available in 17 single beam sizes and 4 dual beam sizes.

  • 16,000 lumens / 70 watts*
  • 6500K color temperature
  • 260% brighter than other LED bulbs
  • Built-in reverse polarity protection
  • Side cable connection for slimmer installation
  • IC thermal controller with high speed smart fan
  • 2mm solid copper thermodynamic core
  • Rotatable collar for beam pattern adjustment
  • Instantaneous full lumen start-up
  • Voltage: 12V-24V
  • IP65 rated

* Rating for bulb set