Accent Lights

8 Output Control Box

  • Model: HE-CBRGB

8 Output Control Box

This 8 Output Control Box for Heise RGB accent lights (HE-ML1RGB/ HE-TL1RGB) is waterproof and can connect up to eight accent lights. The control box is sealed so that it can be mounted in an engine compartment without fear of failure and features a simple two wire connection. With infinite colors and multiple flash patterns, these lights can be controlled with the Heise RGB app found for iOS and Android.

Want to purchase the control box and the lights as a complete kit? This item is included with the four and eight pack Heise RGB Accent Light Kits under these part numbers:

HE-4MLRGBK (4 Pack, White Light Pod Housing)

HE-4TLRGBK (4 Pack, Black Light Pod Housing)

HE-8MLRGBK (8 Pack, White Light Pod Housing)

HE-8TLRGBK (8 Pack, Black Light Pod Housing)

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