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High-quality Curved Dual and Single Row LED lightbars provide great visibility when and where you need it.
Cube Lights
Surface mount and flush mount LED Cubes, give you lots of options for just about every application you need.
Driving Lights
Take your driving experience to the next level with auxiliary driving lights – designed to improve your driving experience.
Municipality & Safety Lights
When you need to get the job done, Heise work and safety lights are designed for worksite lighting and government fleet, commercial and emergency lighting needs.
Marine Lights
Cruise your favorite fishing spot after dark or light up your wakeboard boat using Heise marine grade lights. Torture tested to withstand the elements.
Accent Lights
From side view and single color to RGB kits, Heise has everything you need for an amazing installation.
LED Strip Lights
Illuminate your ride with LED strip lights, available in a wide range of colors and lighting options.
Headlight LED Bulbs
Easy to install, Heise LED bulbs are a brighter, energy-efficient solution.
Jeep® Accessories
Accessories designed specifically to customize almost every Jeep model for stylish, brighter lighting upgrades.
Motorcycle Accessories
Upgrade to a louder, brighter and safer ride with a wide range of universal and vehicle-specific motorcycle accessories. Saddle Tramp offers factory-style lighting, audio, safety and convenience products designed to enhance any ride.
Tap into the growing off-road, truck and powersports market with our newest line of aftermarket accessories.
Trailer Lights
From large commercial tractor trailers to boat trailers and cargo trailers, Heise's new line of trailer lights will ensure your vehicle is seen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the feet be turned inwards? No.

Does the three row design cause more wind noise? No, it’s actually 4db quieter than some of the other models.

What is the HEIGHT of light bar itself? 3.50 inches

What is the DEPTH of light bar itself? 3.25 inches

What is the minimum and maximum voltage of the light bar? 10 to 30 volts

What is the height of light bar itself? 3 inches

How are these light bars measured? They are measured from side bolt hole to side bolt hole, without brackets.

Does this style have wind noise? Yes, it does. However, we do recommend and offer rubber dampers (HE-LBD) that assist with a 4db drop in sound.

What is a Gore™ membrane? It is a self-adhesive one way valve that has a dual purpose. First, it allows for any internal moisture to escape which can be caused by extreme heat and rapid cooling. Second, it also assists with preventing any external moisture from entering the light bar housing.

What is the color temperature of the light bar? It is a 6000k (pure white).

Does the Slimline Series offer more than one mounting option? Yes. There are two different mounting possibilities; side and rear.

Does the flush mount come with a template? Yes.

Are the cubes offered in different color lights? Yes, they are available in white or amber lights.

Are they available in different patterns? Yes, they are available in a spot or flood pattern.

Are the cubes offered in different color lights? Yes, they are available in white or green lights.

Are they available in different patterns? Yes, they are available in a spot or flood pattern.

What color are the accent trim pieces? Black, Red, Blue and Yellow.

Do any of the driving lights come with a halo? Yes, we offer two different models; the 7” (HE-DL6) and 9” (HE-DL7).

Are covers available for the round driving lights? Yes, black polycarbonate covers are available in 4 different sizes (3.5”, 5”, 7” and 9”).

Are UV inhibitors used to protect the coating on the marine series? Yes.

Are all of the Marine Series light bars, cubes and accent lights IP68 rated? No. The 8” and 14” light bars are rated IP68, as well as all the cubes and accent lights. The other light bar sizes are IP67 rated but can still handle most marine applications.

Are these CLASS 2 certified? No. Even though these do offer extreme visibility and are IP65 rated, they have not been CLASS 2 certified.

Do these Safety Lights retain their memory? Yes. All of the Safety Lights retain their memory. Simply select the desired pattern. Once that pattern is set to its memory it will retain that pattern until switched by user.

What light colors are offered? White or amber light options are available.

Are these 24 volt compatible? Yes, with the exception of the HE-MUSTR-GRX (WHITE) or (AMBER). This model is only available in a 12 volt option at this time.

Are these bright? Yes. In fact three 5W (white) LED chipsets are encapsulated within the accent lights, giving you a total of 15 watts. Three 3W LED chipsets are found in the colored accent light models with a total of 9 bright watts.

How long is the extension cable? 10 feet / 3.0480 meters

What is the Pigtail Adapter for RBG Accent Pods used for? HE-PTRGB was designed to allow an accent light pod to be used with any positive anode controller without sacrificing the integrity of the waterproof connector found on the accent light.

What are “Eagle Eye” lights? This is a term used by some people to describe our small 3W accent lights that use COB (Circuit On Board) LED technology and is available in a black or silver aluminum housing with six different colors to choose from (Red, White, Blue, Green, Purple and Yellow).

What is the difference between the HE-WRC (wireless remote) and the HE-WRRK (remote control relay harness)? The HE-WRC is plugged in between the harness of the HE-DLWH1, HE-SLWH1 or the HE-SLWH2 and the rocker switch. This will allow for the physical rocker switch and remote to be used in conjunction with each other. However, the HE-WRRK is a simple power and ground hookup with the ability to bypass a wiring harness all together by plugging a light source directly into the control box harness. This setup has wireless controls available for its functions as well as a physical ON/OFF button which is located on the control box.

What are decoders used for? Decoders are to be used inline with our LED bulbs. They will be placed between the bulb and the vehicle’s factory headlight wiring harness. The decoder’s job is to assist the CAN-Bus system (found in most vehicles) with issues such as flashing, strobing or error messages (instrument cluster). LED bulbs have a lower resistance value then halogen bulbs and because of this, some vehicle might experience the previously mentioned issues

Will the Jeep JK fog lights fit in a Jeep JL? Yes, they will, but require the HE-JWFLAH fog light adapter plug.

What is the difference between the HE-BHL703 / HE-SHL703 and the HE-PBHL703 / HE-PSHL703 headlight? HE-BHL703 / HE-SHL703 has a three-wire design that includes one wire for a halo function and two additional wires for independent turn signals which are built into the housing of the replacement headlight; this application works best for motorcycles. The HE-PBHL703 / HE-PSHL703 is a two-wire design which works best in a vehicle application because both half halos (turn signals) illuminate together when wired to the turn signal.

What is the purpose of the HE-LR (6 ohm 50W load resistor)? It is used to assist with hyper flashing, which is commonly found on Jeeps after the OEM tail lights are replaced by LED tail lights that have a lower resistance value then the OEM lights. A load is needed to add balance back to the electrical system, which in hand stops hyper flashing.

Can an installer stack the A-pillar and post mount brackets together? Yes, you can. The A-pillar brackets are supplied with Allen head bolts that will accommodate such a union.

Can the HE-WFRGBC-1 (16 color RGB WIFI controller) be paired up with my smart home products? Yes, it can be paired to Amazon ALEXA, Google Assistant (Home) and IFTTT applets. Additional options for controlling this device are available by using the included Magic Home App, which can be downloaded for Android and iOS, as well as having a built-in IR receiver to allow the included remote to be used.